The mobile device

In general I prefer working on a notebook or a fixed PC because of the power as well as monitor and keyboard size. What I do not like is having multiple devices that have to be synced. As I am often working at customers I got used to working with a notebook which is plugged into a docking station in the office. That is IMHO the best allround solution for the standard IT worker.

While on the road things are a little different, the most important features required from a mobile device are in my opinion:
  • Quickly available (no startup times):
    I have to change public transport lines two times and the maximum time I stay is about 15 minutes. So a notebook (even if you put it in standby mode) has relative long start-up time as long as you have to pull it out, open it, get it up from sleep mode and until everything is in cache already you have to finish.

  • Specialized on the two major actions on the road - phone calls and taking notes:
    Basically the actions I can do in the smaller time frames on the road is thinking, talking and writing. So I can talk with the neighbors in the train, make a phone call, think and write down notes (drawing mindmaps and other graphics included). The mobile device I use should be optimized for that.

  • Reliability:
    I hate it when my technical aids break and refuse to work. Usually it takes many hours to reinstall and reconfigure. Many hours lost being very unproductive. So the mobile device of choice should be always available.

  • Small-Size:
    I usually already have to carry my notebook, keys, wallet and so my back is packed and my wallets are full. So I want a mobile device that does not occupy too much space especially in summer when I don't wear a jacket (which has a lot of larger and smaller pockets).
I think, my requirements are well fitting also to many other "standard" worker. So what mobile device is the best choice?

Before thinking of those big mobile phones, iPhone and all those things stop for a minute and think: Does a small and handy mobile phone + pen and paper do the job for me?

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