The programming language discussion

And there it is again - the programming language discussion - Not a single developer forum or group that does not have it at least once every month.

Don't get my wrong, there are many good programming languages out there many are worth to be learned. Although I learned many through the years, I know very well that one cannot be expert in a lot of languages. You can only be an expert in that what you use often. 

Sometimes I need to look into old VB Classic code and after a while I am back into it - but not coding in the same speed as back then when I used it on a daily basis just because of the fact, that I don't remember well all the libraries and their functions I wrote back then.

When the programming language discussion comes up, the arguments are about what is the "best" programming language or what is the most "widely used" language. But I consider this being secondary priorities.

Learning a programming language is an investment!

You need to consider, what are your needs and learn what will bring the best return on investment for you!

I found the following strategy being very useful:
Have one primary programming language - or at maximum two - that you know very well and basically can be used to solve all your programming needs (batch tool, server daemon, desktop application, web application and mobile application in best case). Then have 2 or 3 programming languages that you can use for particular needs in special cases where your primary language is not so good at.

Choose wisely the programming languages you learn!

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