About this Blog

I think there are more blogs about IT topics than about anything else.

So why the hell should I create another one?

The reason is: The field of IT has grown so big that it is often hard to decide which hardware to buy, which software to install, which websites or web applications are better and how to invest best into IT infrastructure. There are a lot of hypes causing people investing in technologies that get completely outdated only a few years later. I do want to assist at this point offering help in your IT decisions and apart from that give a few very concrete more technical oriented help (on how to tweak your computer or some programming code example).

Because of the fast change in IT there are frequently news talking about new technologies. From my point of view they are often not so new - just older ideas in new clothes. Other technologies might be really new and one year later nobody talks about them any more.

The focus of this blog are long-term considerations about IT strategies - this means that I will not hop on every new hype. At this blog new technologies are considered more from the critical point of view. But this also means: If I do recommend something, that recommendation has undergone a longer evaluation and/or testing phase.

Although there will not be a big focus on hardware, I will post from time to time some tip - again most likely if I see long-term relevance.

Sure, I cannot know the future - and my expectations might not become real - we will see...

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