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I was about 8 or 9 years old when my father brought home a computer for work and he sat a lot in front of it to get some things done. - I got interested in it and asked what he is doing. He explained me a little and he implemented some programs for me to improve my maths.

I remember a program where a figure was going up on step on a stairway for each computation I calculated correctly and it went down two when I did wrong. Maybe I got frustrated by this figure and wanted to change the program or maybe there were other reasons that my father began teaching me how to program. However, it brought me to my profession...

When I went to a more specialized school with the focus on IT and Organization I wanted to get a computer specialist. Nowadays I know very well that the IT branch of business is so large that one can impossibly cover everything.

As with the time the branch grows faster than one can learn all the related stuff, IT students as well as IT professionals already working in place do have to make decisions. I focused on software development. During my work my daily job is not only Software development but also support, analysis, project management and consulting - all those roles in and around the DMS and ECM area.

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