User-friendly Mac OS

Many people tell that Mac OS is the mos user friendly operating system. Here extraction from a user manual of an external USB hard drive for Mac Users:

How to remove the drive - for Mac OS Users:
  1. If you have files located on your drive open in any applications, close them.
  2. Locate the icon for your drive on the desktop, and drag it to the trash.
I am not a Mac user, but I never ever would have done that for removing the drive! Dragging something to the trash for me means "Delete it - delete the contents"!

What if I accidently would have dragged selected files from the drive to the trash and not the drive itself. Do you call this user-friendly?

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Uwe Seeliger said...

Yes, you can unmount a USB device by dragging the device to the trash symbol in the dock. The trash symbol than changes from a trash symbol to a eject symbol. So it is clear that no data will be deleted.

But the better way is to right click on the device icon and choose the eject command from the menu.

This is the same way like in Linux - as far as I know.

Martin Wildam said...

Yes, the second way is as in Linux (at least under Gnome, KDE don't remember yet).

Fine that I would not be hopelessly lost on a Mac. :-)

Uwe Seeliger said...

This is a user-friendy feature on Mac: if you hold command and click on a background window's title bar, you can drag it around the screen without giving it focus. It's pretty useful if you're watching a video in your main window, or just want to check on something in a background window without clicking a bunch of times to re-focus all the right windows.