Bronze age of IT

There is a big myth around: IT exists for such a long time now and there are so many companies and software pieces around that quite everything can be done.

Nope! I hear this often by customers who sometimes believe it is just a matter of price to solve every IT problem nowadays. And it's either the IT consultants and some vendors that tell this. The sad truth is: We are still in bronze age of IT.

I agree that much is possible yet - an on one hand much has been done. That creates a large scale of possible file formats, protocols, standards etc.

On the other hand for example many software pieces suffer from legacy and some newer are very similar - "me too" products driven by the requirement of a short "time to market".

From my point of view there are still many construction sites. Just to reinstall and reconfigure all the applications I need when reinstalling my PC is a nightmare on Windows. At least on Linux it got better (therefore I said we are in Bronze age and not in stone age ;-) ). Software development gets more and more complicated because of the very different interfaces, technologies and languages. The new arriving programmer faces a jungle of things. I like diversity but too much is too much.

Probably Internet is the most important thing that had lead us out of stone age. Now we have at least the possibility to connect to each other finding solutions thinking globally and not reinventing the wheel many times.

But the most sad thing I see these days is not the technical possibilities - it is the behavior of companies. They just want to produce software cheap or refuse to give support or buy and buy other companies destroying organizations and products.

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