Technical side of management

When I was thinking about some next post I somehow had the impression that a decision must be taken whether I want to write more for technical focused guys or a little more for the management focused people.

The final result is that I think it is one of my specialities that I do have the technical background and knowledge but I do want to see the final purpose. For the final purpose you need overview and this is also what management needs.

Although I am trying to improve productivity by using helpful software I do also know that sometimes pen and paper is simply the better choice. I look at the actual practical need.

So this blog will continue to address both type of readers somehow and I think especially nowadays often there is a gap (or rather a canyon) between that management and the technical or practical solutions. Both often do not well understand each other and therefore often management takes decisions that cannot really be implemented in a way that still makes sense.

I will try to fill this gap a little.

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Anonymous said...

I think managers that come from technical background are really on top of their game.