The "Java is dying" tale

And there was it again... - somebody (in a Java group - strange enough) told that Java is dying. Uff! - I hear this for years now - and it gets annoying to hear or read this again and again (of course of the people who don't like - or simply don't know Java).

Nevertheless, Java ranks within top 3 programming languages on whatever index you look!
But probably you should also consider, where you live, because there are statistics over countries which shows that most important language depends on country - e.g. here:
https://blog.hackerrank.com/which-country-would-win-in.../ (Java is there first for Poland, Python for Hong Kong for example).

Oh - this article (even if older) already talks about the Java is dying tale: https://jaxenter.com/java-slippery-slope-downward-trend...

What makes Java still a very important language and still very attracting for newbies, is the wide field of usage - from desktop over web and not finished at mobile development. Especially when searching for a first language to learn which can be used to do it all.

Another fact is, that there are many open jobs (at least here in Austria) for Java Developers at the moment - so knowing Java currently helps if you need a new job...

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